4 Body Fit™ Sound Healing Certification

July 13 -14  

Saturday & Sunday  9:30am -4:30pm

$425.00  Includes Teacher Manual 

"Sound Organizes Matter" 

Join Nini de la Torre and 4 Body Fit™ Institute for the first ever sound healing certification course taught through the clinically proven 4 Body Fit™ Method. This certification takes you from the personal in Module 1, extending and applying that knowledge into professional spheres in Module 2. 

Sound affects all 4 bodies simultaneously, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. This certification course utilizes bowls from Crystal Tones in order to maximize cellular and subtle body response. Crystal Tone bowls are the highest quality of bowls available in the world. This revolutionary program is the first ever of its kind, and is on the cutting edge of both healing and business innovation.  

Saturday  Module 1: Personal 

Learn the crystal science of the soul note, stress-management techniques, deep emotional release, and timely homecoming as sound passes through all your subtle bodies. 

You will develop awareness to:

1. Recognize the importance of sound in your life

2. Understand that silence is the basis of sound

3. Understand how the toxicity of sound pollution in your environment affects mood

4. Use sound as a tool for balance and healing for you and your personal & professional life

5. Know your soul note/get attuned with inner ‘voice’, guiding wisdom

6. Apply sound to alter your reality

7. Hear your voice / voice analysis

8. Balance your 4 bodies with sound

9. Hands on practice with singing bowls, gong, drum

10. Group chanting and self- diagnostics using the vowels  

11. Theory and practice of sound healing as an alternative medicine practice

12. Resources

4 Body Fit™  Sound Healing Certification

Sunday  Module 2: Professional 

Explore the science of sound diagnostics, intention, soundscape management and curation as they apply to your specific business and goals. 

Soundscapes can make or break a business. 

Sound is the most overlooked, crucial element in the efficacy of innovate leadership, seamless client relations and team structures, and in the most prosperous marketing and business strategies.

Virtually no attention is given to acoustic and vibrational elements. Detailed attention is given to the visual elements of commercial space, products, and brand alignment. This training is the first of its kind.  It will introduce you to sound as an intrinsic element in branding, productivity, client experience and satisfaction, and as an essential, integrated tool in product placement. 

In this training you will: 

1. Use the subtle awareness of sound to integrate personal and professional modalities and intentions through the clinically proven 4 Body Fit™ Method

2. Learn the science of sound—Diagnose-Correct- Enhance-Connect and Curate your personal and professional intentions into sound-scapes tailored to your brand

3. Increase employee efficiency, initiative, “buy-in” and time management by understanding how sound organizes matter, intellectual space, mission alignment, and emotional balance

4. Learn to utilize sound as a subtle, harmonic element in team building and client relations

5. Increase awareness that sound is not just auditory, but vibrational and that positive outcomes and client relations are based on a total, curated environmental experience in which sound is paramount.

Be A Pro Not Mainstream. Get Your Certification  Now 

Sound healing, or sound wellness, is entering mainstream health and dental facilities, schools, elderly care, cancer care, as well as fitness, resort, and corporate settings. Sound baths are offered in many public wellness and entertainment venues, to private spas, clubs, retreats, and holistic centers.

Nini de la Torre

Nini has over 30 years of international marketing experience and creative strategic management. She founded her company, Marketing Arts, based on holistic, community principles where aesthetics and community engagement make for good business. She sought after specific sounds, integrating them with her visual and copy management, ultimately winning a Cannes award for her creative work. Her community dedication led her to be nominated as business person of the year in DC in 2008. 

Nini is also a certified sound healer and pioneer in grounded, healing arts which transform communities and individuals. Founder of the cosmic orchestra, she has played for the Dalai Lama and on Capitol Hill. Her innovative, multi-disciplinary expertise continues to be sought out internationally. 


$425.00 Early Registration by July 8th

$475.00  After July 8th

Certification Includes: 4 Body Fit™ Sound Healing Teacher Manual & Certification