4 Body Fit™ Yoga Therapist & Empowerment Coach Certification YA 200 for Women & Men

The 4 Body Fit™ Yoga Therapist & Empowement Coach Certification is a 200- hour Yoga Alliance in depth training of the 4 Body Fit™ Sierra Bender Empowerment Method (SBEM). The 4 Body Fit™ Yoga Therapist & Empowerment Coach Certification is an intensive, professional training designed for individuals, health-care practitioners, therapists, entrepreneurs, educators, social workers, counselors, healers, yoga instructors and others who wish to add a powerful, proven set of healing principles and leadership practices to their existing work.

Even if you do not want to pursue yoga and holistic health as a career many participants attend for self-healing. The practical skills and tools you will learn in the training last a lifetime. This training goes beyond physical postures and enters into the full realm of traditional healing. It is the interface that weaves together modern and holistic medicine with indigenous teachings. By relying on the ancient definition yoga, “union”, 4 Body Fit™ goes beyond the yoga currently known in western societies and embodies a holistic yoga therapy that trainspractices of union with one self, others, God and nature. 

4 Body Fit™ Method has been studied by American University’s Psychology Department in Washington, DC, and University of Puerto Rico and has been utilized in studies by Harvard University. 

How many certifications do you know that have this creditability and years of experience not only in yoga but empowerment? 

Sierra’s internationally renowned retreats, workshops and professional trainings utilize the 4 Body Fit™ Method.  Boot Camp for Goddesses® Levels 1, 2 , 3,  Goddess to the Core®, Goddess in the Bedroom™, Goddess to the Core® Inside Out Workout, Wholistic 4 Body Fit™ Therapy, Day of Empowerment, 4 Body Fit™ 13 Levels of Empowerment. 

The 4 Body Fit™ is a complete system and unique multi-modal method infusing clinical studies with holistic intelligence.  The 4 Body Fit™ Method works to break the cycle of stress and disempowerment by synthesizing the disciplines of modern medicine, science, indigenous wisdom, holistic health, exercise physiology, quantum physics, nutrition, yoga therapy and the psychologies of trauma, addiction and sexual abuse.

Limited Class Size of 20.  The 4 Body Fit™ Certification is an intensive training of the 4 Body Fit™ Sierra Bender Empowerment Method (SBEM).  Due to the intensity of the training, the class size is limited to only 20 to create a safe and intimate setting for personalized attention from Sierra Bender master teacher and co-teachers.

Dr. Jeff Migdow, the co-author of Sierra’s book Goddess to the Core will be teaching in the certification. Once you are certified you will be able to teach a class, 1 on 1 empowerment coaching and use some of the 4 Body Fit™ assessments to measure your clients. This is not just a yoga certification, you are learning lifetime tools for yourself and your clients personally and professionally. 

As a graduate of 4 Body Fit™Sierra Bender Empowerment Method Professional Certification, you will receive a 4 Body Fit™ Yoga Therapist & Empowerment Coach Certification 200 hr and also a Yoga Alliance (largest international yoga organization), approval when you register your 200-hour yoga teacher certification. www.yogaaalliance.org


4 Body Fit™ Certification Curriculum

4 Body Fit™ Core 1:

Experience the Experience Intensive Training Trainees will personally and professionally experience the life altering transformation of the 4 Body Fit™ Method intensive training in action in the first 48 hours of the training. Trainees will encounter an integrative and dynamic one of a kind training that will strengthen the practitioner’s own lifestyle, leadership, teaching and healing skills. 

Through the 4 Body Fit™  Experience the Experience intensive training, trainees come full circle as all four essential bodies are strengthened, healed, and integrated. 4 Body Fit™ builds a foundation of stamina, strength, and suppleness on all levels of being. As a result of implementing 4 Body Fit™, a new vital personal core power is developed and revealed: 

Physically: Strong Inside & Out - strengthen the core by following one’s intuition, instincts and senses as pathways to harnessing the body’s intelligence and healing capacity.

Emotionally: Intelligent & Self Confident - release emotional baggage in the form of past hurts, fears, burdens and repressed emotions. Be victorious and courageous, not victimized and compromised.

Mentally: Focused & Calm - practice positive psychology; break through unhealthy thought patterns and belief systems. 

Spiritually: Connected & Sense of Self - Utilize indigenous practices and holistic wisdom to connect deeper to the eternal vitality and healing force of the earth and the source of Love.

4 Body Fit™ Core 2: 

Learn the Method “Seize Your Power™”

The 4 Body Fit™ Method provides trainees holistic, therapeutic & transformational tools for self-healing to empower their clients to understand what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how it is affecting them, help their clients to grow and realize the benefits of awakening and maintaining all four bodies.

4 Body Ft™ Method teaches:

* How to identify and treat the root causes of dysfunction and pain naturally.

* How to identify the physiology of disease, healing, and nutrition for the body.

* How to strengthen and energize the four bodies (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically).

* How, why and where you hold stress and discomfort and how to release it before it creates disease.

* How to heal addictions and abuse, release old traumas, regenerate cells, and permanently erase bad habits.

* How to trust, listen and feel the body’s intelligence and natural wisdom to access healing energy and vitality.

 * Tools to prevent and heal depression, anxiety, migraines, heart disease, menopause, cancer, osteoporosis and more.

 * How to strengthen the immune system; halt the aging process; rejuvenate the body, clear the mind, release pent up emotions, burn fat, contour muscles, energize the spirit, sooth the soul and enhance your level of physical fitness and beauty inside and out.

 * How releasing pent-up emotions and sweating stress away will help eliminate unhealthy thought patterns and beliefs. 

* Have the opportunity to observe tools and concepts being utilized in a group format as well as one-on-one.

* Experience the power of Love as a dynamic tool for client and self-healing.

* Gain abilities to help clients in a holistic and natural way, such as nutrition, energy work –drug free solutions and tools.

4 Body Fit™ Core 3: 

Teach the Method as a Therapist & Empowerment Coach

“Empower and hold your client accountable: to grow physically, love emotionally, learn mentally and evolve spiritually at their own pace.”  Sierra Bender 

As a 4 Body Fit™ Yoga Therapist & Empowerment Coach Certification you will teach the benefits of the 4 Body Fit™ method in action to help clients to:

Spiritually: Evolve: Honor Your True Nature 

  • Explore the power of surrendering and allowing; pray, soul searching, song and mantra, ceremony, strengthening intuition and trusting their own judgment to feel a sense of self in connection to the whole.
  • Practice intuitive opening techniques to help access inner clarity and connection to create more core treatment plans.
  • Understand the benefits of acknowledging and accepting their trauma, addictions, illness, and unhealthy behavior to help them move through them more consciously with new holistic tools.

Mentally: Learn: Discipline of Silence & Stillness

  • Explore the balance of intuition and intellect, a calm and focused mind; breath work, visualization, meditation techniques for self-awareness and relaxation to create a safer healing environment and a deeper connection to nature and spirit.
  • Practice flexibility and resilience in the body, mind and heart to increase intimacy with self and others creating a radiant outer beauty that more accurately reflects the inner self.
  • Understand the benefits of heart opening techniques on self to experience the power of Love and compassion as a dynamic tool for self-healing to create a safe environment for clients. 
  • Learn how nutrition plays a part in ones well-being not only physically but emotionally and mentally.

Emotionally: Love: Emotional Intelligence & Self Confidence

  • Explore the release of emotional baggage in the form of past hurts, fears, burdens and repressed emotions that no longer serve their life and mindset.
  • Practice flexibility and resilience in the body, mind and heart to increase intimacy with self and others creating a radiant outer beauty that more accurately reflects the inner self.
  • Understand the benefits of heart opening techniques on self to experience the power of Love and compassion as a dynamic tool for self-healing to create a safe environment for clients. 
  • Learn how nutrition plays a part in ones well-being not only physically but emotionally and mentally.

Physically:  Grow: Ground & Connect

  • Explore redefining and building a foundation of strength and suppleness inside and out, awakening the body’s inherent intelligence.   
  • Practice yoga and holistic tools to revitalize and release deep energetic trauma stored in the cellular structure of the physical body.
  • Understand how to channel, access and ground their newfound core female power internally and externally to heal and empower self and others, a leader and advocate of well-being for the whole. 
  • Explain any precautions, contraindications, or modifications needed for all body types and limitations.
  • Personal fitness training techniques to help understand the fitness aspects of yoga.
  • Explain benefits of breathing techniques, fitness exercises, outdoor activities connecting to nature to release deep traumatic stress, creating a sense of connection and joy for life.
  •  Explain how the practice of these tools will teach the client to “Seize Their Power”.

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4 Body Fit™ Certification Curriculum

4 Body Fit™  Core 4: Empowerment * Leadership * Entrepreneurship 

As a 4 Body Fit™ Yoga Therapist & Empowement Coach your clients will learn to put the 4 Body Fit™ tools into effect to:

  • Embrace, embody, and celebrate the value of being their true authentic self.
  • Learn to be victorious and courageous, not victimized or compromised.
  • Gain access to their core energy through a combination of quantum physics, indigenous teachings, breath work, meditation, fitness, yoga, nutrition and aromatherapy. 

Develop a full spectrum of emotional states and inner balance of their feminine and masculine energies, to better navigate the human experience strength and vulnerability, determination and receptivity, self-reliance and dependence, action and rest, and reason and intuition.

  • Trust and heed the body’s natural wisdom to prevent illness, release old traumas, and eliminate bad habits.
  • Become empowered, break through to new levels of wellness, and take control of their health and well-being by connecting to the body’s natural intelligence and healing capacity. 
  • The benefits of balancing the physical will of force with the divine will of surrendering.

4 Body Fit™ Core 5: Core Power 

  • Empowered trainees and clients bring a new perspective and paradigm to their life: they shift their consciousness towards a more holistic self -health care using tools to prevent illness, access their inner strength, face their fears and change their outlook by creating new choices. 
  • They will achieve a feeling of overall peace, worthiness, self-respect, and the courage to move through life’s challenges while releasing past hurts and fears. 
  • In sum, they will develop a calm yet focused mind and maintain self-control under pressure while remaining in their newfound core power.

The 4 Body Fit™ Method can unite a person’s mind, body and spirit through breath and the discipline of silence. Breathing is the rhythm and flow of life force. Silence is the pause between breaths, the space between heart beats. It is the place where you can come to center. With a person’s own intention and will to heal, the 4 Body Fit™ Method can provide strength, gentleness, focus, power through grace, the gift of contentment, and passion for life. The 4 Body Fit™ Method will change a person’s life in many ways from healing, to finding passion, to getting started on a new path. 

Learn the techniques to totally transform your life and the lives of others around you with the 4 Body Fit™ Method~ Seize Your Power!  

As a graduate of the 4 Body Fit™ Yoga Therapist & Empowerment Coach you have experienced the true teachings of yoga: unity to self, Spirit, earth, family, community and world.

4 Body Fit™ Core 6: Business Management 

Completing your 4 Body Fit™ Therapist and Empowerment Coach training and certification requirements you will:

  • Learn tools on how to create your own business in the health and fitness industry.
  • Add a proven method of tools to your existing work.
  • Work one on one, group classes in yoga studio or workshop format.
  • Create a dynamic class for health 
  • centers, hospitals, nurse’s organizations, rehab centers and other health centers.
  • Start a lucrative career in holistic health and empowerment coaching. 

Minimum content hours (as determined by Yoga Alliance include):

  • Techniques: Instruction in Yoga Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation  100 Hours
  • 4 Body Fit™ Teaching Methodology    30 Hours
  • Anatomy and Physiology  20 hours
  • 4 Body Fit™ Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle   30 hours
  • Practicum    20 hours 

Total 200 Hours 

Students receives their 200-Hour 4 Body Fit™ Yoga Therapist & Empowerment Coach Teacher Manual and Goddess to the Core book based on the 4 Body Fit™ methodology on the first day of training. 

4 Body Fit™ Method Certification 30 Day Training 

  • Module 1: March 1-14, 2019
  • Module 2: July 17-30, 2019 
  • Module 1: October 1-14, 2019
  • Module 2: February 21- March 5, 2020 

Pick a Module 1 and a Module 2 based on your schedule for completion of the 4 Body Fit™ Yoga Therapist & Empowerment Coach Certification (200 Yoga Alliance).  The modules do not have to be in order of 1 and 2. 

Price: $3500.00


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